July 22, 2015

Dear Church Family:

“Taste and see that The Lord is good; Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8. I’m writing these words on Georgia Street in Boston this morning. The glorious news is that Psalm 34 is as true here as in Watkinsville. The Lord is good, and He has demonstrated that again and again. Our team here in Boston has had many Gospel conversations and has seen some of those lead to faith in Christ. We have seen the faith of church planters and the miracles God is doing in the growth of His church here in this city. The Lord is good!

At the same time we are working here in Boston, Pastor Vic is leading a team in Brooklyn helping with VBS at Cornerstone at Bay Ridge. At the same time, Pastor Scott has a bus load of kids at summer camp. At the same time YOU are certainly seeing God’s goodness right there in Watkinsville and Athens!

Mark August 2nd on your calendars as a day we celebrate God’s goodness as we bring our summer to a close. We will do that in our morning services that day, and then in the evening at 6:00 we will come together to bring reports and updates on where we are in our new Student Pastor search as well as exciting updates on where we are concerning future ministry space on our property. We will conclude our night, as you might predict, with a watermelon cutting!

One final thing, Sunday I will be preaching in Auburn, Alabama, at Lakeview Baptist. Their pastor, Al Jackson, is a long time mentor to me and is on sabbatical leave. He asked me several months back to speak in his absence. In my absence you are going to hear Jason Dominey speak. You read that right— speaking not singing. Jason will take Psalm 33 in our series and be teaching this week. Pray for him, and pray for the day!

God is good!

I love you,

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment