July 13, 2016

Sunday you will have the opportunity to nominate men to serve our church family in the role of Deacon. Each Sunday paper will have an insert that list those that have been a Christian for at least 3 years, a member of our church for at least 2 years and are age 25 or older. According to our church by-laws and constitution the Spiritual Leadership team of our church is comprised of the Pastors and Deacons. Our Deacons serve three year terms along side our Pastors helping with various practical needs as well as the direction of our church ministries. 

In Acts those who first served as Deacons were known to be men filled with the Holy Spirit, and full of faith and wisdom. In 1 Timothy 3 we see that the qualifications for deacons and their wives to be the following: “Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to much wine, not greedy for dishonest gain. They must hold the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience. And let them also be tested first; then let them serve as deacons if they prove themselves blameless. Their wives likewise must be dignified, not slanderers, but sober-minded, faithful in all things. Let deacons each be the husband of one wife, managing their children and their own households well."

Please consider these qualifications prayerfully as you nominate those to serve. Those nominated will each complete a questionnaire and once those are completed and reviewed by our current Deacons, they will be presented to the church for election. 

I look forward to being back Sunday as we study together Psalm 39. 

Yours in Christ 

Pastor Carlos

PS Pray for progress on the parking project! Friday the plans will be reviewed by the county and Monday we receive bids for the work.