January 12, 2016

“Whatever is true... If anything is praiseworthy...think on these things.” Few truths have had such immediate impact for good in my life than the application of Philippians 4:7-8. One practical way I have applied these verses is with pen and paper. When writing in my journal this week I made a list of people-my wife, the kids--and a list of categories--church staff, church family, etc. Then beside each of those I just jotted down something true and praiseworthy about each
of them. I found those very thoughts about each reoccurred throughout the day. Try this
with your relationships.

Our college students head off on their winter retreat this weekend. They will be studying through the OT book of Malachi. Pray for them and pray for Vic as he leads the time.

What’s the worst description that could be given about a person or about a church? I will answer that question this Sunday. God help it not to be true of us!

I love you!
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment