Invest your summer in relationships

This past Sunday (May 13, 2018) Pastor Carlos presented our church with an opportunity for the summer: What if you gave your summer to invest in relationships?

He took us to Romans 15 and 16. Here Paul is writing a personal message to the church at Rome. When most people think of the Apostle Paul they think - preacher, writer, evangelist, church planter. However, Paul's letters always point to the fact that Paul was a people person. He consistently addresses individuals in each church to whom he writes. In fact, in Romans 16 he calls out 33 different people by name! 

What Paul shows us is that the good news of Jesus Christ is not just about a vertical relationship with God but it leads to healthier horizontal relationships with others. What you will find is that our relationship with God dramatically impacts our relationship with others AND our relationship with others dramatically impacts our relationship with God. 

So here is the question: Is your relationship with Christ leading to strong, healthy, and encouraging relationships with others?

"A healthy, close, and encouraging relationship with Christ produces healthy, close, and encouraging relationships with others." 

Who are the MVRs* in your life? 

*MVR = Most Valuable Relationships

Here are 5 questions to help you determine your MVRs (taken from Romans 15, 16)

1- Who are those that have most loved you? 

2- Who are those that have stayed with you?

3- Who are those that have been honest with you?

4- Who has God sovereignly placed in your life? 

5- Who are the Spirit-prompted relationships in your life?

How do you invest in your MVRs? 

1- Give prayerful attention

2- Give humble attention 

3- Give grateful attention 

4- Give reconciling attention 

5- Give “in their presence” attention 

Go give your summer to relationships!