Information about Sunday's Church Conference from Pastor Carlos

Sunday afternoon at 4:30 we have a church conference that will include some very exciting and important information regarding future ministry on our property.  For many months we have talked about the potential of adding additional ministry space.  At our conference I want to present a fresh look at what that space would be and offer some explanation on why we need to move ahead on providing the space.  We have believed for many years God would have us maximize the use of our property for making wholehearted followers of Christ and to help plant churches that do the same.  Our conversation Sunday will help us see how we plan to continue on that mission. You will receive a copy of some conceptual plans and information about how each area of ministry is enhanced by having this additional space.  Many of you are new to our church since we first looked at these ideas.  Our meeting Sunday will be a fresh start at getting us all on the same page.  This meeting will be followed up with a meeting on March 12 for the purpose of voting on those plans.  When the time comes for that vote we want to have communicated as clearly as possible to as many people as possible all of the “whats” and “whys” for the project.  Please make Sunday's conference a part of your plans.

A few other items will be covered in our conference.  Those items include information about the search for an Executive Pastor and some very good news regarding our 2016 giving and the 1590 House purchase and renovation.  Finally, the 1590 House has been renovated and is now being used for staff offices, meetings, and Sunday morning classes.  It has rapidly become an important piece to our ministry.  We want you to see it!  So Sunday, before and after the conference, the house will be open for you to walk through.

Let me encourage you to keep pursuing the Lord in these days of Pray40.  Thank you for sharing with me the stories of how God is working in your prayers for others.  Sunday we take a look at praying for others when those "others" are our enemies.  

I love you and I'm thankful to be serving Christ with you.

Pastor Carlos