I love this psalm!

Well, just like that we are approaching our last weekend of the summer. Sunday we wrap up our Summer Songs series with Psalm 50. Several months back I wrote in the margin beside it, "I love this Psalm!"  I'm excited to show you why this weekend

I'm also excited to hear how many of you have memorized Psalm 46 over the summer. I've received videos of children reciting it, had adults walk up and quote it, heard stories of the verses being prayed over others, and in my own heart God has used Psalm 46 what seems like a thousand times to encourage and strengthen. You still have time to memorize it. Ask the Lord to help you hide the words in your heart. 

As we approach the beginning of a new school year and fall season, be especially aware of opportunities to invite people to come to church with you. In your neighborhoods, at school meetings, in the places you do business, at the pool, in your dorms and in your apartment complexes there will be people open to conversations and open to meeting new friends as they transition into our community. Why not ask the Lord to use you right here at home to live boldly on mission for Him and His glory. The great majority of people who visit our church say "I came because a friend invited me." Be that friend!

Because God is our refuge and strength,
Pastor Carlos