I hope and pray you won't miss this Sunday...

I hope and pray you won’t miss this Sunday.  We will take a break from Revelation and welcome our guest speaker, Sam Landrith.  Sam’s father was David Landrith. I had no better friend in ministry than David. We met during our first pastorates in Cleveland, TN. He eventually pastored Long Hollow Baptist in Tennessee and at age 51 died due to cancer.  From all outward appearances, he was in the prime of ministry. The year before he died, Long Hollow baptized more than 1,000 people. Sam, one of David’s three children, is a senior in college and believes God has called him to pastor.  I want you to hear him speak.  I also want him to be encouraged by meeting you and knowing our family of faith.  You praying for him and being in the room to hear him, supporting him has the potential to strengthen him greatly as he follows God’s call on his life.  Thank you in advance.

Over the next few weeks, we will select men to serve our church as Deacons, and they will join those already serving. With the recent changes in our church bylaws and constitution, Deacons for our church will take on a very focused role of serving the church body in practical ministry.  They will assist with multiple ministry areas such as benevolence, grief care, ordinances of baptism and communion, prayer, and many other needs.  Click here to find a list of men that you can look over in order to pray and prepare to nominate on Sunday, November 12.  The list provided are men that meet the initial qualifications set up by our church (Age 25 and older, Christians for at least 3 years, and a member for at least 2 years).

In Christ,