How your generosity has helped

South Georgia and the panhandle of Florida are in desperate straits still. The news cycle in our culture moves to the next story incredibly fast but in this case the recovery is painfully slow for many. I’m very grateful that our church family is in a position to help. Our previous Acts 1:8 Offering designated one fourth to disaster relief. Portions were used in our efforts in Puerto Rico and South Florida. Because of your generosity to Acts 1:8 we will be sending $23,000 to help meet needs in the areas hit by Hurricane Michael. Pray for those gifts to be multiplied and continue praying for those recovering.

Are you ready to take a step up commitment to the mission of Wfbc?Our next Membership info night is this Sunday at 5:30. Go to to register and come find out more about what it means to be “all-in” at Watkinsville.

Remember, there’s a movie to see this weekend! Small Group opens all over the South and into the West beginning this week. Our own Matt Chastain has written and directed the project. It’s funny, heart touching, includes about two dozen of our people and has the potential to be life changing. Pray for certain and make it a part of your schedule if possible.

Going! Because Jesus is the Light of the World!

Pastor Carlos