History Making Generosity for WFBC

GAME ON! When someone says “Game on!”, it means that they are "accepting a challenge or ready to get something done." This happens to be our VBS theme for this year AND this happens to be my reaction to our Going Challenge Commitment Day.

At this point we have had 269 Commitment Cards completed. The cards are being recorded as they come in and those responding to different areas of the Going Challenge are being entered into a database for us to access over the weeks ahead as we go after these areas of ministry.

As for our Giving Day #1 and our 2 year commitments--

Total financial commitments up to this point are:


Total given to date toward the Going Challenge:


This is a great start! Praises! This represents history making generosity for WFBC.  Please keep praying and be ready as we begin going in the various facets of our Going Challenge.

If you have not completed a Commitment Card please consider taking this step.  We can give at any time but we do have two more specific Giving Days for us to target with our prayers and planning: June 24 and August 12. With the potential that we could break ground in the Fall I'm praying we can get to a million dollars cash in hand and three million committed over the next two years by that time.

We continue to work on design plans for new facilities. We will have more detailed renderings before the June 24 date which will help us have more clarity about the ministry space look and feel.

We are pressing ahead also in all other areas of the Going Challenge.

Especially be praying for VBS (just a little over 3 weeks away). It's going to be a big week for our church.  (It fits right in with building a culture of prayer and evangelism.) Be sure to sign up to help if you haven't already.

I love you. Game On! Let's GO!