Here is a quick Q&A with Pastor Scott on how VBS is going this week...

How's the week going?
Great week. Overwhelmed by the amount of staff we have serving. And how cool is it that six kids that live on my street (who don't attend church) are here at VBS? And this story has been replayed over and over for so many in attendance.

What's been the best part of VBS so far?
There is so much that I could say about this. Seeing people serving, loving kids, and using their talents to make a difference. But what has really stood out are two stories that parents have shard with me. In one story, a first grade boy who is a part of VBS is also attending a camp during the day. After his first day of camp he wasn't very excited about going back. It wasn't what he expected. Then after a couple nights of VBS, he woke up the next morning with a different attitude. He was excited to go to camp that morning because he wanted to take what he had been learning about Jesus at VBS and share it with his friend! 

And the week isn't over yet! What's coming up next? 
So far in our Bible study time this week we have talked about:
Day 1: The Relationship Began (How God created us and wants a relationship with us)
Day 2: The Relationship Broken (How sin entered the world)
Day 3: The Restoration Promised (How God promised to send the Messiah)
Tonight is "The Relationship Restored." We will tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. Please pray that we clearly communicate the gospel and lives would be changed forever!