GROUND BREAKING for the new facilities will be Sunday, December 2nd, at 5pm. We will meet for 30 minutes on the green space and pray for the project, those that will be involved in construction, and for the generations of people that will use the facility in the future. This special time in the life of our church is for every age. Kids, teens, and all adults mark the date.

Special thanks to those that helped plan and provide food for the annual Thanksgiving meal for internationals this past Saturday. Men and women and boys and girls from multiple nations came together to experience the love of Christ through this gathering. This is another example how "going" right here in our hometown can impact the world. 

By show of hands Sunday I would guess more than 80% of our church family is traveling somewhere this week for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that this year I'm not one of those! I'm looking forward to being the host instead of the traveler. As I wait for my crew to arrive I'm praying each of you have a wonderful time with family and friends. I'm praying also for those of you who have hard things you're dealing with this year during the holidays. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for you. 
Pastor Carlos