Greetings from Myrtle Beach, SC and Youth Camp 2017!!

We are midweek and things are going well. Pray fervently and often for our remaining two days. The kids are awesome. They have super attitudes and grateful hearts. I believe there are some big decisions kids will be confronted with the next couple of days—lasting, directional kinds of decisions. They need our prayers. 

Our church has a history of longevity on our staff team. I'm thankful for this pattern. Consistency in leadership is beneficial for the health of our church and the staff. One reason for this longevity has been the provision of a four-week sabbatical each five years of full time service for our pastoral staff. The time away allows for spiritual refreshment, family devotion, and rest.  This summer Scott Carson and Vic Doss will be on sabbatical for most of July. Pray God works sweet times of rejuvenation into the souls of the Carsons and Doss family. 

Study through psalm 45 for Sunday and keep memorizing psalm 46. 

Pastor Carlos