Good Work, Bad Work, New Work

Sunday you heard the story of how God has been working in the lives of the Fitzgeralds. For five years on our church staff, the Lord has used Chris and Jessica to sound the call for people to pray, give and go to the world with the good news of Jesus. Now we see them answering the call to go themselves. In less than five months, they will be on the international field. Our role more than ever  is to pray for them, give for them, and support them as they go. Please stay attentive to their needs in this time of transition and keep them daily in your prayers. 

Imagine opening your email today and seeing there in your Inbox an email from Jesus. Maybe the subject line reads "Good Work, Bad Work, New Work." On Sunday, we return to our study in Revelation. If chapters 2 and 3 were written in today's world, they might look something like that type of email. The verses are seven letters from Jesus to His followers in seven different churches. They address the good and bad of their life and call them to a new way of living. 

These letters make me wonder what a personal letter from Jesus would say at this time in my life--my family life, work life, spiritual life etc. I also wonder if WFBC had been one of those 7 churches what would be our good, bad, and new work? Pray with me as we head toward Sunday that the Spirit will speak to our hearts and we would welcome with obedience His words from Revelation. 

Trusting in the strong arm of the Lord, 
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment