Give and Go

Our church family is needed in helping our neighbors to the south and west recover from Harvey and Irma. The need for prayer is obvious and should not be underestimated. In our giving and going we are relying on the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to direct us in the most effective ways to help.  Giving financially at is needed desperately. This allows monies to be most directly applied to the specific needs of each area. This is more critical at this time than sending certain supplies. Please consider making a donation

As for going, we will be coordinating skilled labor and unskilled labor teams in the weeks and months ahead. As soon as the logistics of those projects are put together by those assessing damages on the ground we will make those opportunities known. If you are aware of local needs due to the storms or you have a relationship with someone that have needs related to the storms in other states feel free to contact me at We will work to try and help where we can. 

Our study of Revelation continues Sunday in chapters four and five. Please read those chapters this week and pray for the Lord to prepare our hearts for our time together in His Word. These chapters give us a glimpse into heaven, those who will be there, and the events and actions of those who will be there in eternity. There's a lot to look forward to!

Be sure and note the date of the annual picnic--October 15. Volunteers are needed to help make it happen. You can sign up to serve here.
In Christ
Pastor Carlos