Game Face Ready

Anybody else fired up about VBS!?!? It’s time for us to get “game-face” ready. Invite your neighbors, friends, and family. We meet at night June 3-7. We have lots of places to serve as well. Men we need you. Women we need you. Go to and register.

When voting this week I noticed the name Harold Melton on the ballot for State Supreme Court Justice. Harold and I were friends in college. He was the first African American elected SGA president at Auburn.  He came to UGA for law school. He also would attend worship services at WFBC while in law school. God brings a lot of people across our path week by week on their way to the world. Our mission to make wholehearted followers of Christ is so critical.

Thank you for the way you welcomed and received Dr. Shawn Buice Sunday. He’s another example of the fruit of the ministry of WFBC.

Sunday I will be in 1 Thessalonians chapter 1. Read ahead and come prepared to worship with your whole heart.

I love you,