Five Guys and a Truck

FIVE GUYS and a truck! Some school teachers in our church have made a contact with a school in Houston that are in need of supplies due to Hurricane Harvey. Please read the letter here and check the needed supplies list and bring those supplies THIS SUNDAY.  Place those supplies at the truck parked in the courtyard. Five guys from our church will deliver those supplies to the school in Houston. 

Sunday evening at 5 we will vote on the proposed changes to our Church Constitution and By-laws. Last month in Conference those changes were explained. Over the past weeks your questions and suggestions have been very helpful in shaping the final version. I believe this document which serves as a guide for the way we operate as a church will help us be even more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. Please prepare to attend our Conference and be praying for the decision. 

Sundays text is Revelation 6 and 7. Read ahead and do pray for our day together. Really...pray for the day! 
I love you
Pastor Carlos