February 17, 2016

Easter is March 27. As I write that means we are exactly 40 days away from our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus our Savior! One of the most powerful testimonies we can give to the importance of the resurrection is to all be present for corporate worship on that day. Scheduling our lives around that day communicates to the world around us the astounding reality of a risen savior in our lives. Prioritizing that day strengthens our faith by reminding us that victory over death has been achieved and the promise of life eternal is trustworthy.
We are preparing as a church to have a glorious day of celebration. We will have 6 services that day--three in the Sanctuary (9, 10:15, and 11:30) and three in the Life Building (9, 10:15, and 11:30).
Mark your calendars to be here that day.  Plan now to invite people to come with you. Pray daily over the next 40 days for lives to be changed and our faith to be strengthened.
Jesus is alive!
Pastor Carlos