Feb 24, 2016

About 2000 teenagers from our community will all be participating in The MIX this weekend. More than 200 of those are connected directly to our church family. Imagine the impact on our schools, families, churches and region if God moved in power and revival stirred our teens to seek God with passion. I'm urging you to take up the burden for this generation and get down on your knees several times Friday, Saturday and Sunday interceding for these young souls. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Sunday is our last weekend of Pray40 and The Blessing Life. Is the truth the Father, your creator, loves you sinking in to your soul? Are you returning this passion the Father has for you back to him in praise? Are the people in your life getting a taste of the Father's love through the ways you bless them? If any of those questions are NO then give these last 7 days in prayer to God make those a YES!

I love you
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment