Feb 10, 2016

This past Sunday in our PRAY40 series, we celebrated the blessing from God that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." This is THE good news.  In Paul's letter to Timothy he said that was a "saying worthy of full acceptance." I want to ask you again, have you, personally, fully accepted this truth? If you haven't, why not pause right now and acknowledge to the Father that you are a sinner and in need of Christ Jesus to save you. Turn from what ever your life is holding onto for peace to an absolute trust in Christ alone for salvation and eternal life.
If you have fully accepted Christ Jesus for your salvation let me ask you another question. Have you shared that publicly? The pattern in Scripture we see for a public declaration of faith in Jesus is baptism. I encourage you to take that next step. Baptism is a testimony to you, the Lord and to witnesses that you are identifying as a follower of Jesus Christ. If you have trusted Christ as savior and not followed with baptism NOW IS THE TIME!
Our next date for baptism is Sunday, February 21st. Send me a note at carlos@watkinsville.org if you know that this is the next step for you in your walk with Christ.
I love you
Pastor Carlos