Excited would be an understatement...

EXCITED would be an understatement in describing my thoughts about 2017 and especially the months of January and February in our church life. You will notice by looking at the calendar many opportunities to invest our lives in places that have eternal value. You will also notice many opportunities to invite others to be a part of things that could be the start of their lives being changed forever. Thirty years ago this winter I surrendered my life to Christ. I'm hopeful many people will have that joy this winter.

Our new sermon series, Other Words, begins January 22nd. This series will look at various passages of God's word where we see instruction about interceding for others. Perhaps one of the strongest encouragements to pray for others is the current action of both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Scripture shows us that they both are making intercession for us before the Father. We model that by making intercession for others before the Father.

Remember to pick up a Prayer Guide and purchase your copy of Battle Plan for Prayer prior to January 18. And mark your calendar to be here that night for our all-church Pray40 kick off.

We are about half way toward our Acts 1:8 goal of $200,000. We will give toward this til the end of February. As a reminder this offering is the way we fund missions internationally, nationally, and in particular this year, the way we are helping new churches start in Washington, Vermont, Boston, Athens, and Uganda.

One other major date I want you to note is February 12. That evening we will have a church conference for the purpose of voting on whether or not to proceed with our next phase of construction on our church property. Between now and then, you will begin to hear more details of the possibleproject that was presented to our church in the summer of 2015. Currently our plans are being considered by the county in the special use permitting process. This is a process every church in our county has to walk through before any additional structures can be built on their land. It is a lengthy process therefore we have begun that in order to be able to proceed without delay pending our church decision. Be watching for more info and certainly be praying for the Spirit's leadership as we walk by faith.
Because Jesus lives and saves!
Pastor Carlos