Donations for Lemm Elementary in Houston, Texas

Church Family,

In response to Hurricane Harvey, I am gathering donations for Lemm Elementary School in Houston, Texas.  Ms. Kathy Brown, Principal of Lemm Elementary in Houston, has provided the following list of supplies that teachers need:

If possible, please send all donations in a 1 or larger quart Sterilite container for packing purposes:

1)      Post it chart paper

2)      Post it notes (small and large)

3)      Pens

4)      Paper (copy and color)

5)      Pencils

6)      Color pencils

7)      Crayons

8)      Pencil sharpeners 

9)      High lighters

10)   Dry erase markers

11)   Clear Tape 

12)   Tape Dispenser

13)   3 Hole punch

14)   Glue sticks

15)   Scissors (for small children)

16)   Paper towels

17)   Cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes)

18)   Rulers

19)   Hand sanitizer

20)   Prizes (for the kids)

21)   Kleenex tissues

22)   Construction paper

23)   Storage container (for teacher organization)


Lee Turman, Casey Colquitt, Griffith Haigh, Trent McElroy, and Michael Cooper will have trucks at Watkinsville First Baptist during both services Sunday, September 24th.   We will transport the donation to Lemm Elementary School via UHAUL truck and/or trailer.


Casey Colquitt

Science Teacher

Men's Varsity Soccer Coach

Region 8AAAA Soccer Chairman


Jefferson High School

575 Washington Street

Jefferson, GA 30549