Details about our Church Conference this Sunday night

Sunday night at Church Conference (5pm) our Deacons will introduce proposed changes to our church's constitution and bylaws. The Constitution and Bylaws is a document that our church voted on some years ago that states our theological beliefs and lays out how we operate practically and govern ourselves as a church. For example, it spells out how we receive new members, how we select new pastoral staff, and how Deacons are elected. It is specific to this body we call Watkinsville First Baptist. Over the 100 plus year history of our church there have been previous changes reflecting a growing congregation and staff and now we have reached that point again.

The proposed changes are the result of an 18-month process undertaken across two terms of Deacon rotation. The process has been slow and prayerful intentionally. Believing our current operational and governing procedures no longer fit a church our size, the Deacons will propose changes that are believed to be both biblical and more effective for a church that has grown from 200 to almost 2000. I believe these changes will serve us well in being a healthy local body of believers as well as a healthy staff for many years to come.

Keep in mind there will not be a vote taken Sunday night. There will only be explanation and discussion. Sunday night will be followed by two additional Q & A sessions in September in order to give opportunities for as many people as possible to have clarity on what's being proposed. The vote will then take place in a second Conference at the end of September.  

Looking forward to His return,
Pastor Carlos