Deacon election + What's happening the next 2 Sundays

Sunday in our morning services, you will have the opportunity to elect a slate of nine men to begin serving as Deacons. These candidates have been nominated by our church body, and having gone through a review process, are now being recommended for service by those currently serving. The candidates are: John Allen, John Barnett, Andy Barrs, Rob Cunningham, Mike Epps, Allen Rice, Mike Simeneaux, Steve Simmons, and Jeff VanDeMark. Each of these have a testimony of already serving our faith family in various ways. I'm so encouraged by those God continues to raise up and call out to take on more responsibility of caring for the needs around us.


Sunday we will finish our study through Philippians. I do pray though we are only beginning in living the life Paul describes. The last Sunday of March we will have the Lord's Supper together in each of morning services. That day we will focus our time on the Cross of Christ and the death he died so that we might have life.

Then comes Resurrection Sunday!

Who has God brought into your life you could invite for Easter Sunday?___________________________. Pause. Pray.  Who's name goes right there? Make the call. Make the ask.


Because He lives

Pastor Carlos