Days like that don't happen by accident

Sunday was special. We baptized three. The music led us to celebrate our Savior. The message from the Word helped us see our role as senders and supporters of those going to the world. The evening in the Sanctuary of singing carols with children, adults, friends and family brought home how blessed we are that Jesus Christ was born. Days like that don't happen by accident. THANK YOU ALL that had some part in the day being so awesome. 

Be aware--the next time you are on the church property there will be obvious evidence that construction is beginning. Safety fencing has been put in place which will effect our walking patterns from building to building. A few parking spaces around the courtyard are also closed off. Plan accordingly in order to be on time for Bible Study Classes and Worship. (By the way our Sunday Worship times are 9 & 10:15 only, Life Building only). 

We have an incredible story that we will be sharing in our services this Sunday. It is the backstory to a video that went nationwide. You will not want to miss seeing the whole story! Bring a friend or two. It will be a great way to introduce them to our church and the Gospel message.

FOR OUR MEN--Mark February 1-2 on your calendar and be a part of our overnight Men's Conference at the YMCA Camp in North Georgia. 

Merry Christmas
Pastor Carlos