Day 2 of Youth Camp

We are in day two at Youth Camp.  These kids are awesome.  I work the same spot at camp each year which is the drink table for each meal.  I love this because i get to see every student and leader multiple times a day, serve them and learn their names.  You would be blessed to see how grateful they are for their meals!  We are hearing David Platt and Drew Worsham speak each day.  Keep praying for heart change!  God is working.

As you can see when on the church property, great progress is happening with the construction of our new worship center and children's classrooms.  Thank you for faithfully giving each week to the GOING Challenge.  Your gifts are an eternal investment in the lives of our local community and really far beyond our community due to the river of people that are constantly flowing through Watkinsville to the rest of the world.

Have you started memorizing Psalm 67 yet?  It's seven verses that needs to be hidden in each of our hearts. Start with verse 1 today!

I love you

Pastor Carlos