Company's coming

What will a dollar buy these days? Well, if that dollar is spent on VBS it will go a lot a lot further than you might ever imagine! Every year WFBC uses a part of what is given in weekly offerings to invest in the annual event of Vacation Bible School. At the end of the week this year we gave some of the supplies to other local churches to use in their own VBS. Another portion of those supplies were boxed and shipped to Brooklyn, New York, for Cornerstone Church to use in VBS. This past week I learned that those same supplies were then sent on to two Spanish speaking churches in New Jersey! That's how God supernaturally stretches a dollar!! Stories like this remind me how important and far reaching our giving is to making wholehearted followers of Christ  in Watkinsville, in New York, in New Jersey, in ...(you get the picture!)

The next two Sunday we will feel the impact of students returning to local schools, colleges, UNG and UGA. In order to prepare for these important weeks these things will make what happens with WFBC on Sundays better:
1. Prepare on Saturday for Sunday by praying and planning for the day!!
2. Allow for extra time needed to get on the property and in your places of service and worship. 
3. For worship I can't overemphasize the importance of being in the room at the starting times. Every minute of the hour is crucial!
4. If your morning schedule allows, consider making the 9 or 11:30 your hour of worship due to us already being so full at 10:15. 
5.  Go out of your way to welcome people! These weeks bring lots of new people to our gatherings. Take it upon yourself to make the people around glad they came to worship with WFBC. 

Get fired up! I'm excited to see what God has in store for this fall. 
Company's coming!
Pastor Carlos