Chip and Allison Riggs will be joining our church soon + Senior Adults come eat lunch with us Sunday

Thank you for the way you received Chip and Allison Riggs Sunday. He has accepted our call to serve as Executive Pastor. He will be moving here from the Woodstock area in May and starting June 1st full time. Pray for their transition. 
Are there any Senior Adults reading this note?!?! What a blessing to our church family to have many faithfully and joyfully loving Jesus all around us. I want to make sure if you are a senior adult you know about the luncheon just for you this Sunday at 11:30.  We are providing the meat, bread, and drinks. You bring a side and dessert and gather in the Cafe for a time of encouragement and fellowship. This would be a great opportunity for you to invite another Senior Adult in your circle of friendship to come to church with you. 
We continue Sunday in the book of Jude. Remember from last week we contend for our faith from a position of submission, security, and strength. I love you. 
Pastor Carlos