Sunday is Christmas Eve!

Sunday is Christmas Eve! I'm so excited to get to celebrate that day together. We have four service times from which to choose--10am, 11am, 4pm and 5 pm. The only difference in the services will be in the morning we will close the services with Joy to the World and in the evening we will conclude with candle lighting and Silent Night.  Well, there is one other difference. At the close of the 11 service we will also baptize 5 people!! That is a merry Christmas for sure. (By the way, if you have trusted Christ as savior and you haven't been baptized, Christmas Eve would be a great day to do just that! Email me and let me know.)

Thank you for the way you received David Butler and Jonathan Mosley this past Sunday. Introducing people like this to you in our gatherings is one of the most fun things I get to do! They were so encouraged by our excitement about helping them in their work in Boston! Celebrate with me that we have now given over $80k toward our Acts 1:8 Offering. Our goal is getting closer. 

Let me squeeze in one more date for your calendar--January 3rd. Would you join me for a night of prayer for the new year? We will go from 6:30 to 7:45. We will set the Life Building up "in the round" and sing and pray. Let's not attempt another year of God-work without calling out together for Him to work! We can't do His Kingdom work without his power and presence. We desperately need him. So let's ask him together for his grace and mercy and forgiveness and ultimately for his glory to be poured out on us. 

Thankful for you!
Pastor Carlos