August 4, 2015

Legendary coach Richard Bell is famous for encouraging his players with a loud “HERE WE GO! LET’S GO!” Those words keep ringing in my ears as I look toward Sunday. A new season of intense ministry is upon us. We want to be ready to welcome the many new people worshiping with us over these next few weeks.

Now’s the time to jump into a place of service (contact to see where you can help).

Now’s the time to invite your friends or the new people you’re meeting in your circles. Now’s the time to connect to a LIFE Group.

Some things to be ready for Sunday are:

There will be a 10:15 service in the Sanctuary along with services at 9:00, 10:15, & 11:30 in the Life Building.

Children will be promoting to their new classes. Fourth and Fifth Graders will be meeting in newly remodeled rooms in the Cafe Building.

Several ABFs have new meeting times and locations.

We will have designated parking for Guests and a gift at the Connection tent for first time guests.

Sixth Graders will move into Middle School Ministry

Arrive a little earlier than normal due to additional traffic and people on our property.

Finally, would you give some extra time to praying for our services and ministry this fall? More than ever we need the power of God to be poured out. Pray for souls to be saved and lives to be changed. Pray for one another. Pray the Holy Spirit will not be quenched in any way!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment