August 25, 2015

Our church family needs a fresh army of prayer warriors. I’m looking for some people who will fight with me in prayer—people of all ages, men and women. Is that you? Do you want to learn how to pray? Do you feel a burden to pray? Do you see the evidence around you that shows only a mighty move of God will do? Will you pray? Are you willing to pray like it matters? I’m going to be in the Shed each Wednesday night at 6:30, and we are going to fight the good fight in fervent prayer. There are many of you who will have places of service on Wednesday night and that’s needed. I’m convinced though that there are some of you who know as you read this that God is calling you to corporately pray with others for our church family and the advance of God’s kingdom. Meet me Wednesday nights at 6:30.

Sunday, 765 people were in the Life Building for worship at 11:30. That means we were 110 people over capacity with a flood of rain falling outside! So, if you have flexibility in your Sunday morning schedule, help us and help those yet to come by making 9:00 or 10:15 your hour of worship.

Three adult men were baptized Sunday at 10:15. I was so encouraged to see these men publicly declaring their faith in Jesus. We believe the Bible teaches “believer’s baptism” which means we are baptized after we trust Christ as our Savior, showing outwardly what Christ has done inwardly by grace through faith. Have you followed Christ in “believer’s baptism”? We will baptize again in a few weeks. Maybe this is the time for you to follow through with letting the world know Jesus is your Savior. Let’s talk about it.

I love you,

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment