August 24, 2016

How do we handle "waking up to different" each day? We learned Sunday that Daniel won his different day with "resolve". His resolve was built on the sovereignty and grace of our God. Daniel helps us see that our trust is in a God who is graciously in control. Prepare for this week's message from Daniel by reading and praying through chapter 2.
Last Sunday night, I was in the room with our Life Group Leaders, who were preparing for another year of small group ministry.  I was so encouraged! If you are not connected to a small group, now's the time to make that happen. Contact Robbie Woelfl or go to for more information.
The landscape of our church property has already changed drastically since last Sunday. The parking expansion and improvements are in full swing. Keep in mind that if you have been parking in the grass field, you will need to plan on parking in a different spot. Watch for our parking team and they will guide you. I would love for you to circle through the property prior to Sunday just to get used to the way the property looks. Plan on arriving earlier than normal Sunday to allow a few extra minutes to get acclimated to moving around on the property.

I love you,
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment