August 17, 2016

Sunday we begin our study through Daniel with the theme "Waking Up to Different." As I drove to my study this morning dodging orange safety cones, weaving through traffic lane shifts, and watching heavy equipment move dirt I was reminded every day in our area we wake up to something different. Reading Daniel has already been a strong encouragement to my mind and heart for these days. 

One major pattern I've noted this season is the number of other churches and ministries that are beginning new studies in Daniel. The Spirit of God seems to be working to strengthen believers in many areas through the story of this great book in His Word. Take some time before Sunday to read at least chapter one. 

Thank you for the way you showed up, served, and responded this past weekend. We've never had more people on a fall Sunday. Special thanks to Vic Doss, John Gilliam and their team for the hard work in pulling off 2ndSunday, our meal for students. 
And speaking of "team" we were privileged to host the UGA football team, the coaches and their families at 11:30. I am very thankful Coach Kirby Smart initiated this happening. Pray for him and his wife, Mary Beth, as they begin this new chapter of life in our community. 

Over the next two weeks please give special attention to emails and the Sunday paper regarding our soon to begin PARKING IMPROVEMENTS. Beginning with Sunday,  AUGUST 28, you will see NEW PARKING CONSTRUCTION around watKIDSville  in the fields. Be watching and read carefully weekly updates that will help us know how to park on Sunday's. 

I love you!
Pastor Carlos