August 10, 2016

Your response to this past week's message, Opening Up About Jesus, was incredibly encouraging! Many emails and text indicated a strong desire to be both equipped and engaged to speaking personally to others about Jesus and salvation. At a sporting event this week a man walked up to me, introduced himself, thanked me for the message Sunday, and said, "I spoke with someone today about Jesus." Put exclamation marks all over that statement!! 
Be reminded of the 5 areas to watch for God's hand in presenting opportunities to introduce Jesus to others:
-surprise situations
-physically challenging times
-socially awkward moments
-everyday needs of life
-deep hurts in the lives of others

This coming Sunday, we welcome college students back. For Sunday we have 9, 10:15, and 11:30 services in the Life Building along with the Sanctuary as well at BOTH 10:15 and 11:30. If you normally come at 11:30, using the Sanctuary that hour would really help us prepare for many guest we are expecting in the Life Building. 

Give some extra time to praying for our gathering this weekend. 
Introduce yourself to others and help people feel at home.  

Allow for extra time moving around on the property as well. 

I love you
Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment