Are we allowed to talk about August yet?

Are we allowed to talk about August yet? Before we go there I have to celebrate again all that happened the last Sunday of July. Psalm 67 called us to "ask for more so that more can know the saving power of God." People were baptized and before the day was over another accepted Christ as Savior. Sunday night was one of those "will never forget" moments as we praised God for the many ways he is blessing work through us to the ends of the Earth.  Sunday night we also got a tour of the the new space and wrote our prayers and scripture around the room. It was a beautiful day for our church family.

By the time we meet again, August is here and  BOARDING NOW will be our sermon focus. A helpful way to prepare would be to begin reading passages in Acts.  Disciples WERE being made and those disciples were giving their lives daily to making more disciples. Our BOARDING NOW focus will survey the book of Acts to see how the new churches were experiencing the Great Commission and remind us of the urgency to be on mission every day of our lives. As we continue our GOING, the next four weeks help us see what the necessities are right now for us to be a church full of life and focused on introducing others to the gift of eternal life we have in Jesus.  

Please take note that as school begins again, traffic on Sunday mornings on our property will increase. We need many of you to use the grassy areas to park as well as the back parking lot in order to free up other areas for guests and those that have children in WatKIDSville. Thank you in advance.

Stay fired up!!

Pastor Carlos.