youth pastor recommendation

Our next Church Conference will be Sunday, April 17, at 5pm. There are two specific recommendations that will be presented and voted on that evening. One recommendation is property related and involves renovation of the house on our new property and upgrades to our parking around the children's building. The second recommendation will come from our Youth Pastor Search Team. Next week I will share more details about our property issues. This week I want to share with you some details about our Youth Ministry. 

Considering there are about 200 teens connected to our ministry, about 8000 teens with in 15 minutes of our property, and more than a dozen schools represented in our area, there are three ways we want to address disciple making in that age group. We need multiple staff, more parent involvement, and additional space. Our church conference will take an initial step toward addressing multiple staff for our youth ministry.

April 17, the Youth Pastor Search Team will recommend Daniel Nesmith as Associate Pastor of Youth. Daniel has been serving in the interim role since June of last year. During these months he has given strong and effective leadership to this ministry building on the solid foundation laid by Pastor Joel for a number of years. Daniel has invested many hours in relationship building with our schools, with parents, and with kids already here as well as reaching out to new students. He has a love for the students, great chemistry with our current staff, and is a very competent teacher of the Word. He is passionate about students living for Jesus wholeheartedly as teenagers. 

Daniel, along with his wife Brandy, (and now his son Micah) are from South Georgia and are graduates of UGA. They attended church here as college students and Daniel has been engaged in ministry here already in some capacity for more than three years. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Divinity degree from Southeastern Seminary. After reviewing more than 100 applicants the search team came to a point of unanimously believing Daniel and Brandy are the ministry couple to present to our church. With great excitement and gratitude for Gods leadership I join them in that recommendation. 

As mentioned, our youth ministry will eventually be served by multiple staff. I am already praying and searching for the next person to come along side Daniel that would compliment his gifts, experience, and abilities. Pray with me that God would lead us to the next person and that we would also see a mighty move of God among our teenagers in our area. - Pastor Carlos