An update from the Fitzgeralds

Watkinsville Family,

We are writing to let you know that God has called our family home from China. I know, right? That seems sudden. Well, let me explain. We started the process to move to China in response to a question: Were we ready to go to the nations if God called us? Well, we weren't, so we started getting ready. Honestly that process led us overseas. We kept feeling God prompting us to proceed, so we did. We never had a long term call, but we figured maybe it isn't quite like that, or maybe the Lord would give us that later.

When we arrived we felt that God was talking to us again. He was teaching us so much, yet something told us that living overseas as career missionaries wasn't what he wanted us to do long-term. Living in a lost country, studying language and culture reminded us of the need for more and more cross-cultural workers. So many people, and so little gospel access. Instead of giving us a greater desire to do what we signed up for, we felt the Lord guiding us to use our gifting in a sending role. He graciously confirmed this to us over and over again, through leadership in the company, staff back home, mentors, friends and prayer. We feel confident that this was the right thing. With all that being said, we don't have a job here that we are jumping into; just a direction from the Father. So we followed Him back here. We are not sure what will happen next, but we know He will show us.

This was a bittersweet move. Although it has been a very hard year, we invested a great deal tomove to China (and many others did as well). Telling tutors, friends, English Corner buddies, Ayi, and the kid's friends "bye" was hard. We studied Chinese 35+ hours a week and did not finish school. Many things have question marks, but we are confident that the timing was right. Please pray for us, and most especially pray for our minds. It is easy to feel like failures, but we just have to remind ourselves to be faithful to God’s guiding. Faith can be a scary thing, but it brings life and joy as well.

We cannot express how grateful we are for you all: Thank you for praying for us, loving us, checking on us, wondering about us, and sending us goodies. We love each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Grace to you all, and peace,

The Fitz Family