Sunday night we will have a Church Conference at 5pm. Two items are on the agenda for our Conference. I wrote about item one last week by sharing details regarding Daniel Nesmith being recommended as Associate Youth Pastor. The second item relates to improvements in our parking and renovation of the house on the new property. I want to share a bit more of the details on this recommendation.

For many months we have managed our overflow parking by using the grassy fields on the Athens side of our property. This has been quite the adventure dealing with weather conditions, traffic flow on and off the property and also the location of septic tanks and field lines. Sundays recommendation will address these problems and issues.

In recent months we have worked with MG&A Construction Services to locate where future buildings, entrances and exits, and parking would be in a master plan of our property.  Now that we know these long range locations we are ready to take next steps. Our recommendation Sunday will be to pave and curb approximately 200 parking spaces near the children's ministry building. We will also be adding another entrance on and off our property to Simonton Bridge Road.

A second part of the recommendation is to renovate the house on the new property. As our church has grown so has our need for support space. The renovation of the house will provide much needed admin, office, and storage space. We would hope to have these projects completed and paid for over the summer in time for the start of our fall ministry season.

I'm excited about these improvements because they move us toward maximizing the use of our property for ministry. God, in his sovereignty, has blessed our church with an opportunity to help many people become wholehearted followers of Jesus. He has positioned us to reach many more with the Gospel. Please be praying for our future and the many decisions ahead in how we respond to God’s work in us, through us, and to those all around us.

I love you!

Pastor Carlos

Joel ShinpochComment