Abandoning the Call of the World for the Call of God

Tuesday I sat with a student from UGA that attends our church.  He shared with me what he had just shared with his parents. He was leaving his pursuit of medical school to begin to prepare for vocational ministry in the local church.  With the support and encouragement of his parents, he spoke with great enthusiasm about realizing God's call on his life. Having observed his life involvement at WFBC this conversation was a confirmation of what was already obvious.  This story is similar to half a dozen I've had over the past year.

Dear church family God is at work among us!  In a time where many declare that the new generation of young adults are abandoning the church we are seeing more and more of them here in the Athens area moving toward the church to fulfill the Great Commission.  They are devoting themselves to the Word, prayer, and pleading for their neighbors and the nations to know Christ. I see them abandoning the call of the world for the call of God in their life.

Be encouraged that God is willing to use us at Watkinsville to raise up a new generation of servants to lead the mission of the church.  

Because eternity is real and Jesus is the way,

Pastor Carlos