A Spirit of Welcome

Summer is different around our area than in other places. We tend to travel, like other communities, BUT we actually have many that are arriving new in our area during the summer. For example, this past Sunday, on a day we would expect a low attendance due to holiday travel, we had several new guest looking for a church home. They came from the states of Maine, Virginia, and Texas. There were others from the towns of Colbert and Monroe. This is just a reminder to us how, even in the summer, we need to be working to welcome people to our gatherings. 

As the summer moves along you may also notice new people in your neighborhoods. This is such an important time to show hospitality and the welcoming Spirit of Christ. Drop off a gift, invite them to dinner, or offer to help them settle in to their new community. Remember that GOING happens first right here in our hometown. 

Sunday we continue in Psalms with number 55. I look forward to opening our Bibles together this weekend. 

We have a Helper!

Pastor Carlos