A note from Pastor Chip Riggs

Dear Watkinsville Family,

When God moved Allison and me to Watkinsville we truly thought we were coming “home” and we could see staying here the rest of our ministry days.  That was our “plan”, but God has shown us His bigger and much different plan. The Lord has called us to move to Las Vegas and continue expanding His Kingdom through church planting, missions and city engagement in the West and the World.

Beginning January 1st, I will fill the position of Lead Pastor of Mobilization at Hope Church in Las Vegas, the church we helped plant 18 years ago.  We want you to know this surprised both Allison and me, but has not surprised our Father. Through the Holy Spirit’s awakening, then leading, then affirming voice, He was grabbing our attention and “unsettling” us.  About three weeks ago, this unsettledness became firm direction as God solidified His calling and timing through His Word. We didn’t expect this and didn’t see it coming. But you simply cannot ignore the indisputable calling of God.

Like Saul and Barnabas in Acts 13:3-4, we would gladly stay if we were not unmistakably called to go.  We love you dear people at Watkinsville, and we have enjoyed the last 18 months here. God is doing something amazing in the church, and we are grateful to have been a small part of it.  Pastor Carlos often says Watkinsville First Baptist is like a river – with people flowing through our church to wherever God calls them to go. We didn’t realize we would so soon be caught up in the flow!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and for allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through you to us.  We will always be grateful for our time here, and you can be sure we will continue to pray for Carlos, the staff, and you dear people of Watkinsville.  Keep expanding God’s Kingdom through making wholehearted followers of Christ!

God bless you all,