A God Sized Birthday Party!

Watkinsville First Baptist is 138 years old this month. Sunday was a strong way to celebrate--Sixteen hundred people gathered worshiping Jesus as the Good Shepherd. We heard Matthew  Filardi's salvation testimony and witnessed his baptism. We commissioned one missionary to South Asia and three to Europe. We welcomed home six missionaries from the field in South Asia, had two families serving in Boston for the weekend at our new church plant, and exceeded our initial goal of a million dollars given to the Going Challenge by $6000. Then Sunday evening we voted to begin construction on 32,000 square feet of ministry space for all ages. That makes for a God sized birthday party!

Thank you WFBC Family for serving, giving, praying, and in so many ways--GOING! Your faithfulness is leading to fruit that is eternal. My heart is full of gratitude for the privilege of being in this journey of faith with you. I love being your pastor.

There are many things to cover in the weeks ahead about our building project. For now I'm asking you to pray! Begin praying now for Pellicano Construction Company. They have been chosen as our contractor and are aligning their team to begin the project right away.

One other prayer request. Take some time right now to pray for Joel and Jennifer Shinpoch and his family. Their 18 month old daughter, Rya, has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. She is battling with some stomach issues. Please pray for stamina for the family and for healing and recovery for Rya. Thank you.

In Christ

Pastor Carlos