A few numbers to get excited about...

Here are a few numbers that have me excited. They help tell some of the story that is going on in the life of our church and the activity of God in our lives.

7-that's the number of weekends this fall that people from our church have spent in Boston serving and helping King's Hill Church.

15-that's the number of families that will take part in our fall Parent/Child Dedication Sunday afternoon. Each of these families will pledge together to model the ways of God, teach the Word of God and pray for the will of God as they raise their children. What an incredible stewardship God has placed upon our church to partner with these families in leading their kids to be wholehearted followers of Christ!

120,000-that's how close we are to reaching our million dollar giving goal toward new ministry facilities. We are so close! If you give toward reaching this goal be sure and note GOING on the gift for it to get in the right place. I'm praying that we can reach this goal by November 4. Note that on that Sunday evening at 5 we will have a church conference to discuss and decide about the timing of potential construction.

Speaking of numbers to be excited about consider Numbers 14:18 "The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion."

Loving Jesus and grateful for you

Pastor Carlos