A note from Pastor Carlos - February 22, 2017

As you read this our community is preparing for about 2000 teenagers to be engaged in a weekend of Bible teaching and discipleship we call The Mix. More than 200 of our own students and leaders will be involved.  They start Friday afternoon and finish by attending their respective local churches on Sunday morning. The plans are in place and now we all need to participate by going to the Father on their behalf. Pray for revival, spiritual  awakening, salvations, and eternal fruit as our community comes together. A sure way to remember to pray would be to set a timer/alarm to remind you to pray specifically each morning for The Mix Weekend. 

Sunday brings to a close our Pray40 emphasis of Praying for Others. One of the things the Lord has taught me is that when you take on the role of an intercessor you take on the burdens of others but not in a negative way. Something happens in your heart that seems to heighten the actual privilege we have in standing in the gap for others. As I have worked through the prayer guide I've become more aware of those around me and their needs. I've also noticed that the enemy will do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to hinder me spending time focused in prayer. It is a good fight though! A fight worth fighting and a fight able to be won through the power and presence of the Spirit. 

I would be very encouraged to hear from you what you have learned in focusing on praying for  others during  these forty days. Email me at carlos@watkinsville.org and share those stories. 
I love you!
Pastor Carlos