This past week teenagers from our church were at Myrtle Beach for Youth Camp. We joined about 4000 other teenagers from the eastern US. We heard David Platt speak each night among others. Tuesday evening was a powerful night as hundreds trusted Christ as savior, including some of our own. Thank you for praying for the week. 

Sunday is Giving Day #2 toward our Going Challenge. Our goal is to get to a million dollars before breaking ground on additional space. According to the most recent counts we are at just over $430,000 in our giving. Sunday is also the perfect day to turn in a Commitment Card for supporting the Going Challenge. As I've stated before 100% participation is so important for our future ministry. Ask the Lord to guide you in what to give. He will show you. 

Sunday we will continue with Songs of Summer as we look at Psalm 53. See you soon!

Praying for you

Pastor Carlos