What is SENDathens & Why Should I Go?

We talk a lot around here about "sending" people "to the nations" and about "planting churches and making disciples among unreached peoples."  But what does any of that actually MEAN?

What does it really take to SEND someone?  Where are we sending them?  WHY are we sending them?  What does "unreached" mean?  We must answer these questions together, as a church and as a community of local churches, if we are going to have an eternal impact on global lostness.

SENDathens is a conference, but really it's a movement - a movement of churches, organizations and mission leaders around Athens and Watkinsville that share a common vision: to see more people raised up from our city and sent to the unreached peoples of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We gather together monthly to pray (to the Lord of the Harvest, that He would send out more laborers), to plan events (like this conference) and to brainstorm new ways to 1) raise awareness of the global realities of lostness and 2) raise up workers to go in response.

The SENDathens conference on April 15/16 is just one piece of that bigger vision - but it's a really important one, and you should go.

"But I know I am NOT called to move overseas as a missionary."  -  Good.  This conference is for YOU.  Those who are called to STAY are called to SEND, and this conference is designed to help you understand what it means to send well.

"But I know that I AM CALLED to move overseas, so I already know what will be talked about."  -  Good.  This conference is for YOU. We want to encourage you, connect with you and connect others to you.  We want you to be reminded of your calling and maybe God will use this time to clarify some of the specifics of that calling.

"I would love to go, but it would be hard to figure out childcare."  -  Good.  We've got you covered.  The SENDathens group will be providing childcare reimbursement, so hire the best babysitter you know, go have a nice dinner then come to the conference.  We'll pay you back.

"OK, how do I register?"  -  Good.  Go to www.sendathens.com and take it from there.