Christmas and the Mission of God

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior at Christmas, we are reminded that when God sent his son here, he sent Him on a mission - a rescue mission.  Jesus came, lived, died and rose so that we could be rescued from our sin and ourselves, and could have life through him.  

The news that the angels heralded to the shepherds watching their flocks that night was good news of great joy for all people: news that a Rescuer has come! And Christ our King commissioned us to herald that same message until He returns. Just as the Father sent Him on a mission, He has now sent us to live on mission wherever we are and wherever we go. We have good news of great joy for all peoples, nations, tribes and tongues, and we must share it!  

As we enter into this season of giving, let us give our lives on mission as a gift to the world, that many who are in darkness would receive the gift of light. I invite all of us -- individuals, families, students, children -- to commit to pray fervently for the mission of God, give sacrificially to the mission of God, go intentionally on the mission of God and learn expectantly about the mission of God.  Here's how:


The most powerful and important thing we can do on the mission of God is to pray.  Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers; pray for the workers who have gone out; pray for the people groups that have yet to hear. Learn more at


We have the opportunity to invest in the mission of God through giving to the Acts 1:8 Global Offering. Check out the Acts 1:8 handout in the seat backs on Sunday or see the PDF at


We want you to GO on the mission of God, short-term, outside your comfort zone and cultural context. Learn about opportunities to do this through Watkinsville at


Want to better understand the mission of God and your role in the Kingdom?  Consider taking Perspectives in Spring 2015. To learn more about that, or if have other questions about missions at Watkinsville, think you may be called to the mission field, or don't even know what that means and want to find out, contact Chris Fitzgerald, our Director of Missions, at

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