your role in the great commission

Over the past 7 weeks in our Wednesday night class called "Commissioned," we have been working through what it looks like to make disciples

After looking at the Biblical basis for mission, the history of missions and the current state of our world, we stepped back last night and said "OK, based on all of that, what should our lives look like?"  

Complicated question? Yes, but here's my best attempt at a summarized answer: 

Looking at the character of our God, the commands of His Word and the commission from His son, our King Jesus; and in light of the overwhelming physical and spiritual poverty across our world...

how should we pray? 

"the harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few. Therefore, pray...

pray intentionally for the world

  • make it a discipline; you will not accidentally do this

pray informed about the world

  • click here for an awesome resource, Operation World

how should we give?

"for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" 

give sacrificially to the mission of God

  • make conscious, intentional decisions to 'give up' and 'not do' so that you can give to what lasts and do what matters most 
  • your treasure shows what you value, but your heart will also follow whatever you choose to give your treasure to


give strategically to the greatest need

  • outside of 'normal giving' to the work of your local church, find something to invest in that is getting the gospel to places where it is not

how should we live?


"only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ"


live as though work is worship 

  • if we are made in the image of God and commanded to reflect that image to a watching world, then nothing is trivial; everything is sacred. You work where you work, with the people you work with, for a God-glorifying, disciple-making purpose. Live that way 

live as though play is purposeful

  • see your hobbies and extra-curriculars as opportunities to be light and salt

live as though family is front-line mission

  • your kids are your first and most important, long-term disciples. You are their main source for knowledge about God and for a picture of what it means to live life following Christ

live as though everyone is eternal

  • everyone you see every day will spend eternity in one of two places; your barista at Jittery Joe's, your neighbor down the road, that guy at work...they are all eternal souls. God deserves their worship, and they need a savior

how should we disciple? 



"what you have heard from me...entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also

make it a priority

  • it takes time, energy and discipline to truly disciple another broken sinner, life-on-life. Make the time, find the energy, practice the discipline, for this is our task

make a plan

  • click here to see a personal disciple-making plan designed by the Church at Brook Hills

how should we send?


"...send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God

send as an extension of our long-term strategy

  • we partner with missionaries to accomplish our church's God-given mission

send with an expectation of our long-term support

  • we are in this for life, and not just financially; our missionary partners leave here in body but remain a part of our church body in every other way

how should we go? 



"Therefore go, make disciples of all nations...

plan to go, be open to stay

  • plan your life around the possibility that God may call you to leave it all

put everything on the table

  • your comfort, your security, your family, friends, plans, future, job, everything - have you laid it before the Lord, given it to Him, and are you willing to be obedient to whatever He commands?