Maximizing Our Property

for Making Wholehearted Followers of Christ 

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Our purpose for existing as a church is to glorify God by making wholehearted followers of Christ. Our philosophy of ministry involves gathering people, in order to encourage them and equip them through the teaching and application of Gods Word, and to send them out to impact the world around them with the Gospel. In light of a growing community of people along with the space we use to gather, equip, and encourage reaching near capacity, our church leadership believes it is time to move forward with providing additional space for fulfilling our purpose and mission. Since 2008, we have believed that we should maximize the use of our current property in living out this philosophy of ministry and help plant new churches that would have a kindred purpose and mission. Ministry space is one of many tools we use to help us make wholehearted followers. This information is meant to help us see and grasp this one specific need in the life of Watkinsville First Baptist. -Pastor Carlos 


  • New Space and Repurposed Current Ministry Space
  • Seven New Classrooms for Children's Ministry
  • Repurposing of the Life Building of Middle School and High School
  • Adding a second floor in the Life Building for College
  • Repurposing cafe area classrooms, Youth Room, and the Basement for Adult space
  • Additional indoor and outdoor commons space
  • New Indoor multipurpose space
  • New worship gathering space


  • $6.5 million to $7.5 million. This estimate includes plans, permitting, construction, and FFE. This is a total out of pocket cost.

  • The church has yet to authorize the completion of building plans. Without making specific choices on structure type, mechanical systems, and FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), we do not have a firm price. 

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We will contract MG+A (Myrick, Gurosky, & Associates) to complete the project (design/build). MG+A is a design/build firm based out of Birmingham who has completed almost 300 projects for churches. They completed the parking lot project for our church in the Fall of 2016.

How will we pay

We will very simply share the vision and plans with our people and trust the Lord to provide through our generous giving. We will have a focused time of giving toward the project. We will approach this project very much the same way we have approached projects in the past 15 years. We will give sacrificailly, use short term loans to complete construction, and aggressively pay down anything that we owe after completing construction. 

March 12, Church Conference

On Sunday March 12 we invite church members to join us for our church conference at 5pm in the Sanctuary. We will vote via secret ballot "yes" or "no" to:
"WFBC affirms the conceptual drawings for future ministry space at a preliminary estimate of $6.5 to $7.5 million and authorizes the establishment of a Line of Credit to not exceed $500,000 in order to obtain construction plans, permits, bids [in order to determine the scope and cost of the project], and to communicate the ministry vision and specific construction plan." 
If there is a vote of "no," there will be room on the ballot to provide an explanation so we can address concerns in the days ahead.