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With God’s word as our guide, Jesus’ commission as our goal, and the Spirit as our helper, we are GOING—to our community, to our nation, and to our world! 



Matthew ends his Gospel in dramatic fashion. He quotes the resurrected Jesus giving a last promise: “I am with you always” and a last command: “GO, therefore, and make disciples of all nations...” I think you would agree that a command by someone who rose from the dead carries a lot of authority. In fact, Jesus said ALL authority was His. Therefore, we call these words the Great Commission. In light of the words of Christ, GOING is a necessary prerequisite to making disciples of all nations. In an intentional effort to obey the last command of Christ, WFBC is entering a new season called the “Going Challenge.” Here are the highlights:

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culture of prayer AND EVANGELISM

We will continue to build a strong church culture of prayer and evangelism by creating opportunities to pray corporately and equipping people to share their faith. This year we will gather for several prayer nights. Our next gathering is:

April 14 – Round 2 

August 27 – Round 3

November 17 – Round 4

Ministries of Compassion

In the coming months, we will identify and encourage ministries that are addressing the needs of our community. 


church planters jonathan and chelsea mosley


church revitalization


900 Southern Baptist Churches close their doors every year. 70% of these churches are in growing communities. Many of them have facilities and other resources that would otherwise go unused. We will be prepared to recognize, support, and help bring new life to these churches as God directs.


church planting

We have invested in church planting for the past 8 years locally, nationally, and globally helping to plant 17 new churches. Continuing this work, we will be a major partner of King’s Hill Church in Boston opening in Fall of 2018.


engaging an unengaged people group

There are 3,196 unengaged people groups in the world (unengaged = no known active church planting underway). We believe God will allow us to take one of those groups off the list through praying, connecting with field partners, and identifying those who are called to go.

We have now identified a people group, the Bing of Nepal, and have started praying for these people. Download the prayer card here

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Buildings and grounds are tools we use to be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. Nearly ten years ago our church family committed to expand our facilities as a tool to accomplish our mission of making wholehearted followers of Christ. Today we are continuing that journey by obediently finishing the building process which will bring maximum use of our campus. Our new facilities will position WFBC to strengthen outreach to all ages, especially to the next generation of unreached children, teenagers, and college students.



  • Renovating the Life Building for Middle School and High School student ministry space 
  • Updating the Sanctuary for multi-use including College Ministry Bible Study, weddings and funerals 

  • A Worship Center seating 950 with potential expansion to 1250 

  • 10 new Preschool classrooms 

  • 4 new Adult Sunday classrooms with flexible walls for expansion 

  • Demolition of existing Café Building and relocating existing classes to new space to provide for open greenspace 

  • Renovation of existing rooms for offices and administration 

  • Indoor and outdoor common space, new restrooms, and additional parking 

  • Cost: Approximately 7 million dollars. 



+What is the Going Challenge?

It is a challenge to our church family to go to our community, nation, and world with a revival of concern for fulfilling the Great Commission. It involves building a stronger culture of prayer and evangelism, loving our community with new ministries, adding new space, planting and revitalizing churches, and engaging an unengaged people group so we can fulfill our mission of making wholehearted followers of Christ.

+How will the Going Challenge be funded

The Going Challenge will be funded through 2 year commitments (above regular tithes and offerings), the annual Acts 1:8 Offering, and the annual ministry budget.

+How do I get involved?

Pray and seek the Lord for His direction. Then on May 6 you will have the opportunity to indicate through a commitment card which areas of the Going Challenge you are interested in helping with. Additionally, on May 6 we are asking our church family to make a 2 year financial commitment (above regular tithes and offerings)towards the funding of the Going Challenge.

+When will our two-year commitment begin?

May 6, 2018.

+How much money is needed in order to add the proposed new space?

Our goal is to see $3 million of the $7 million dollar total cost of the building project pledged through our church family’s 2 year commitments. We also want to see $1 million cash in hand before breaking ground. In order to move us toward these giving goals we have designated three “Giving Days:” • May 6 • June 24 • August 12

+What will happen with our current debt?

The church currently carries an interest only loan of $554,900 from last year’s parking lot extension. We plan to either pay off that debt with current available cash before we begin construction, or roll it into the new loan.

+Will we borrow any money?

We will take out a loan on the balance of the project costs beyond the Going Challenge commitments from our church family. The payments on this loan will be included in our annual operating budget. Our plans are to pay off this loan by 2026

+What is the schedule to build?

Our goal is to have $3 million committed and $1 million in hand before we break ground. We hope to start the project in late summer 2018 and we are anticipating a 12-month time line to completion.

+What are our plans for existing facilities?

Our long-term plan for the Sanctuary building is to use this space as our Chapel, accommodating various gatherings such as weddings and funerals, and for College Bible Study on Sunday mornings. Plans would also include light renovations on the interior and enlarging the lobby area and bathrooms. The goal is to make the Sanctuary a flexible space for weekend ministry and formal events. The plan includes demolishing the “Café Building” and relocating the functions currently held in this building to new areas. While many of us have great memories of this space, the requirement to bring the building up to code, rewire the building, and renovate the interior would not be as cost-effective as building new facilities

+What are our plans for future facilities?

While the current plan will complete our master plan of the property for ministry space, it allows for future expansion of the new worship center from 950 seats to 1250 seats, plus additional parking. This will maximize our seating attendance in each worship service on our current property. Once complete, future space needs will be addressed through church planting.


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