Over the last 15 years our church has grown tremendously. Not just in size, but in discipleship, serving, giving, loving others, and more. As I have said before, our hope is not to be the biggest church in the community but to church the community. We aren't trying to build a crowd. Our desire is to build wholehearted followers of Christ who passionately live for him daily and courageously take his good news to the world. We want to gather people, equip people, and send as many people as we can to impact this world for the glory of God.

A practical tool for ministry we are doing here at Watkinsville is having space to gather our church together all through the week. Ten years ago we built the Life Building and it has been used to host worship services, VBS, events, and everything else in between. Five years ago we built watKIDSville to provide a safe and exciting environment for kids and families to learn about Jesus. We have been extremely creative in addressing our need for additional space but we have reached a point where few options remain. I believe we must again wisely approach the building of new space that addresses multiple areas and ages.

Based on prayerful consideration by our Vision Team, three months ago the deacons approved partnering with MG&A (a planning, design, and construction company) to work alongside us to evaluate and develop a plan for future space needs. Over the course of numerous meetings and lots of back and forth feedback, we have developed a conceptual drawing for a potential building project (see picture above). This conceptual drawing was presented to all in attendance at our August 2nd Church Conference. The purpose of that meeting was not to vote on any specific action but to put in front of our church family a solid possibility for future space and to invite your response and input.

I am excited about the scope of this project. With a single phase we will be able to address many of our current ministry needs. This project includes worship space, a remodeled Life Building for Middle School and High School ministry, a remodeled Cafe area for adult space, and additional space for children. There would also be additional commons space, restrooms and parking improvements. My hope is that you will take a close prayerful look at what has been proposed and if you have feedback, let us know. This project will be a big undertaking, and we want to approach it all together in one accord with wisdom and faith that we are following God's best for the advance of his kingdom in Watkinsville and the world.



*The concept calls for a 900 seat worship space which would be built on the current grassy courtyard behind the cafe.

*It includes a commons area to serve as an entry foyer, connection space, cafe, and meeting space. 

*The worship space will attach to watKIDSville and also include additional preschool space.

*Parking will be added where cars currently park in the grass (near the Simonton and Norton intersection and around the front of the church).

*Septic Systems will be updated.

*Once worship space is complete, renovation would begin on the Life Building to provide new space for middle and high school and other groups. 


*Please submit by August 31, 2015

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